Adelaar Renewables

Adelaar Energy is committed to the provision of sustainable energy solutions including solar photovoltaic energy, solar thermal energy, wind energy, hydroelectric energy and biomass energy to help Africa transit to the post fossil energy world.

  • Safety Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).
  • Safety Training and Modelling.
  • Wholesale purchase and sales of Safety items.
  • Safety Consultancy Services
  • Safety Support & Environmental Impact Assessment.


The need to meet industry standards in protecting employees has created the market for safety equipment and safety services in the country.

In addition, the Federal Government desires to diversify the economy and enable self-sufficiency within the manufacturing and Oil & Gas sectors.

To meet these needs, Adelaar Safety will:

  • Manufacture generic and bespoke high-end safety equipment to industry standards, such as Safety Shoes, Safety Coveralls, Hard Hats, ear, eye, and hand protection to industry standards such, e.g., OSHA/ANSI Standards.
  • Use its expertise to provide Safety Training and modelling to the oil and gas and manufacturing industries within Nigeria and conduct Environmental Impact assessments for companies and government.
  • Partner with a reliable safety equipment manufacturer and acquire land (within the Free Trade Zone) to set up safety equipment manufacturing plant.


Adelaar Safety Business Objectives is to enhance the accessibility of safety equipment to all the sectors where the use of Safety equipment is required.

Our goal is to acquire at least 30% of Nigeria’s safety Equipment market share by the year 2026. This target will be achieved in phases starting with establishing a partnership with reliable Safety Equipment manufacturers and establishing our own manufacturing plant in Lagos. The aim is to achieve 100% in-house manufacture of Safety Equipment within the next 5yrs.